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o.*, o.id as oid,ol.caption, ol.public_description,o.gps_x, o.gps_y, o.price, pc.name as pcname,c.name as cname, fl.name as flname, f.path,b.id as bid, b.name, b.surname, b.zahranici, b.email, b.titul, b.titul_za, b.phone, b.preview as bpreview, pu.name as puname
objects as o
LEFT JOIN objects_languages as ol on (ol.id_object = o.id)
LEFT JOIN districts as d on (o.id_district = d.id)
LEFT JOIN categorys as c on (o.id_category = c.id)
LEFT JOIN flats as fl on (o.flat_kind = fl.id)
LEFT JOIN price_currencys as pc on (pc.id = o.price_currency)
LEFT JOIN price_units as pu on (pu.id = o.price_unit_id)
LEFT JOIN files as f on (o.preview = f.id)
LEFT JOIN brokers as b on (b.id_broker = o.id_broker and b.id_branch = o.id_branch)
o.id = 93494 AND ol.id_language=1 AND o.id_branch = 25542117